About Alpstories

If we want to talk about Alpstories, we have to start at the beginning – with our founding father. 

A middle-aged man with little experience in cosmetics, but a lot of knowledge about how the world of skincare would look like in the near future. In his thoughts, he imagined a world where every single person is treated as the unique individual as they are, where people are offered products that actually suit their needs, not empty their wallets.

He thought, but how could we create such intricate customizable products for every single customer and still be sustainable?

Our cosmetic making robot - Balthazar

Our founding father - Danijel Hubman

Our inspiration - the Alps

Well …  Let’s gather a team of experts, build a robot, call him Balthazar, connect him to a beauty wizard which will calculate the right quantities of certain ingredients, offer people product-building software, skin analysis, and questionnaires, and based on those, let him create a perfect product for each individual! Easy!

And that’s exactly what we did.

We bring you the best from nature, with a little bit of help, from the future.

Best from nature:

Our inspiration comes from the long alpine tradition of using the healing power of plants. Not only did our name stem from that, but the majority of our ingredients also come from the Alps. 

We offer you natural cosmetic products, that are fully personalized, vegan and free from:


Mineral oils

Artificial colours

Synthetic fragrances



Help from the future: Here at Alpstories, we have decided to apply Internet of things (IoT) and Web 4.0 solutions to a beauty market challenge. Personalized products are produced by our dual-arm robot (Balthazar) , which helps us to precisely mix natural ingredients and print out your label. Everything done in one place in a matter of minutes. 

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