Hey, here are your skin diagnostic results

Based on the results of the quiz, we have prepared two 100% custom products that will help your skin:

Golden Hour

Custom oil serum

€44,90  €26,90  

  • Exclusive blend of vitamins in antioxidants
  • Created just for you
  • The best skincare from the comfort of your home
  • The result: extremely moisturized and radiant skin after first use

Ingredients in your oil serum:

All ingredients (INCI)

Day Dream

Custom face cream

€39,90  €23,90  

  • Expert combination of botanical ingredients
  • Created just for you
  • From clean ingredients from the Alps
  • The result: soft, clean and nourished skin

Ingredients in your facial cream:

All ingredients (INCI)

Our customers say..

   124 opinions


Golden Hour is one of the best products I’ve used on my skin so far. The oil absorbs very nicely and nourishes my skin which is so radiant every morning after use. 🌸

Lucija T.

🤍🤍 I use the oil under make-up and it always creates such a beautiful layer that blends my make-up better and makes it look more natural and shiny. The cream is also perfect and I use it night and day.


Eva H.

I have been using this personalized combination of mine for a good month and my skin is softer and firmer. I also no longer have such problems with pimples. My new go-to. 🥰🥰

Brigita R.

My custom cream is so light and absorbs into my skin easily, which is perfect for my oily skin. I use the oil on my face at night and I also sometimes use it on my hair, I think it helps hair too.

Valerija K.

Amazing! I’m over the moon, I was afraid the oil wouldn’t suit me because I have otherwise oily skin, but it really only makes a protective layer and doesn’t clog my pores. It really feels like my skin is finally healthy.

Ana L.

I myself have sensitive skin and am always looking for natural cosmetics, but I am rarely as positively surprised as I was at Golden Hour and Day Dream. In a very short time, my skin started to repair itself, brightening old pigmentations. 💓 I am attaching a picture of before and after two weeks.


When I first used the day cream, I was surprised at how quickly the cream absorbed, I was sure I had applied too little, so I added a smaller amount again. I have been using the right amount of cream for at least a month now and the first results are showing. My skin is no longer as dry in the parts where it used to tighten me, and the oil makes sure that my skin regenerates and nourishes itself overnight. It wasn’t hard to follow the new routine, my well-being also improved as I feel more confident with clean and nourished skin.


My ingredients actually fit my skin and I fell confident after a long time! 🤩

Manca L.

Great concept, great product. 5/5


Considering that I have problematic dry skin, it’s really hard to find products for myself.  It seems to me that these products have a lifting effect after use, which I really like. :)) I highly recommend it to anyone who usually finds it hard to find skincare products for themselves.

Sabina P.

I have been looking for a moisturizer that would suit me for a long time. I came across this personalized one and I can say that it really fits me very well. My skin is moisturized and radiant! I recommend!!

Klavdija Š.

I finally have clear skin!! <3 At first I was skeptical because I saw you on Facebook, but I used my cream religiously and it was worth it. 🤩🤩

Barbara Ž.

In love with this combo. The best! 🤩