10 reasons why to use AlpStories facial oils as your face moisturizer


AlpStories beauty oils are guaranteed:

  • 100 % PURE and UNDILUTED,
  • 100 % ORGANIC,
  • COLD-PRESSED (not even 1 % is refined),
  • WITHOUT SYNTHETIC ADDITIVES or SECRET INGREDIENTS, which can mean a hidden hazard and are often linked to serious health issues,
  • MAXIMUM CREDIBILITY - WITHOUT CHEMICALS TOXIC TO THE SKIN that are known or suspected causes of long-term health effects and putting them on skin can be even worse than eating them, because they can be absorbed straight into your bloodstream without filtering of any kind.

2. The products and also the raw ingredients are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.

3. QUALITY IS THE KEY – high quality and nature's finest materials. Each batch is rigorously selected for its organoleptic and physicochemical properties. We are fully aware of the manufacturing process for each batch that we sell.

4. AlpStories beauty oils keep the skin 10 times more moisturized than the average emulsion type moisturizer. 

5. Can be used for face, body skin and hair without restrictions. 

6. Safe for pregnant women.

7. GLASS BOTTLE - The ingredients inside the fully recyclable glass bottle are perfectly sealed and, unlike plastic bottles, ensure the best protection and quality of the product.

8. ETHICAL AND RESPONSIBLE APPROACH – ensuring the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants.

9. COMMITMENT TO FAIR TRADE – we are working with partners who are improving living conditions of farmers, access to training and education as well as social and environmental development.

10. To ensure the TRACEABILITY we have implemented A QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.