A hot bath helps you to fight the common cold naturally

When the first signs of a common cold strike us, most people still prefer pharmaceutical preparations, forgetting that cold symptoms can be relieved and eased in a natural way

The fact that it is necessary to drink a lot of hot drinks during the cold, especially herbal tea, we know almost from the childhood. But not everyone knows, how effective essential oils can be in relieving symptoms of common cold.

Ways of using essential oils

Essential oils are very versatile, as their therapeutic effects can be consumed in several ways. The most commonly users use evaporators and diffusers to fill the room with pleasant aromas of essential oils. Of course, one should not overlook the topical application of essential oils, e.g. using massage oils, where the essential oils are applied in a properly diluted concentration. The popular form of the use of essential oils is also preparations for aromatic baths, such as bath salts, bath soaks and bath bombs. The latter can be an effective, unfortunately also often overlooked method in eliminating the symptoms of the common cold.

How to fight the cold with a warm bath?

When talking about bathing, we usually first think of calmness, relaxation or just pleasure. In fact, a warm bath can offer much more than just pleasure and can be an effective way to relieve the cold with properly selected ingredients.

Raising the body temperature enables the body to effectively combat viruses that cause a cold. This can be achieved even with a hot tube, which, however, should not be to hot. Normally, recommended bath temperature is up to 40 °C or the temperature that is recommended for every individual for safety reasons. Despite that for many people such high bath temperatures are unsustainable and unpleasant, note that only with a high bath temperature we can make our body's temperature to rise, which help us to sweat, increase circulation and relieve and eliminate cold.

It is recommended that the individual soaking in bath lasts for at least 20 minutes several times a day until you feel better. Do not forget about the hydration, as the soaking in the bath usually dehydrates the body. For this reason, before, during and after the bath, drink plenty of hot drinks, especially herbal teas prepared from peppermint, chamomile, sage, thyme or elder-flower. After the bath, step carefully and slowly from the tub, as you may be somewhat dizzy due to cold and hot water. 

What should you be careful about?

It is advisable to add essential oils or preparations that already contain them into the tub to fight the cold as soon as possible. Nose, throat and lung infections are conditions which respond very well to treatment with essential oils, because inhalation is a very effective way of utilizing their properties. The easiest way is to add a few drops of essential oil directly in bath or simply use already prepared products, such as, for example, bath salts which beside minerals also contain essential oils, dried plants, etc.. It should be noted that if you are not familiar with the use of essential oils, you should get informed about it in advance, because excessive amounts of essential oils can cause unwanted effects and irritation of the skin. If you are a complete beginner in the use of essential oils, at the beginning rather use already made products and pay intentions for the ingredients. Many bath salts on the market do not have the real therapeutic effects, as essential oils are usually replaced by perfumes and aromatic oils. When purchasing, check also whether essential oils are from organic production. 

Which essential oil to choose?

Although there is a wide choice of essential oils with multiple effects on the market, the champions in the fight against the cold are eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) and peppermint (Mentha piperita) essential oil. Eucalyptus essential oil acts antiviral and antibacterial, due to analgesic properties it reduces muscle pain, but both can relieve problems with clogged nose, sinuses, which makes it easier for you to breathe normally again and get rid of painful cough. Peppermint essential oil is also effective in eliminating pain, it helps to restore the immune system and ease symptoms of fatigue.