Cosmetic products online

Now anyone can create Alpstories' natural cosmetic products online.

Everything from shower gels to massage oils. And you can even sell them under your own brand if you have a community or want to create one!

A proven  algorithm guides you through the process by checking which ingredients can be mixed and suggesting the options along the way. Once the combination for your product is chosen, Balthazar, one of 2 Alpstories robots, very accurately mixes the ingredients in the right manner. Of course, if an ordered number of your unique products exceeds a certain economically optimal quantity, your new creation is mixed and filled on a factory line in order to keep the product affordable but still natural and truly unique.

Check this very informative video to see how it works. Alpstories apologize in advance if loading times are not up to the usual speeds, we are working on increasing our online speed due to the increase in traffic :)