Effects that skin-care has on your skin

Do you realize the whole extent of the effects that skin-care has on your skin, your health and your mood?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, it protects us from harmful external effects and invasion of microbes. And even though the benefits of healthy eating are raising more and more awareness, the consciousness about the benefits of natural cosmetics opposed to unnatural products that sink deep into our bodies, even penetrating our epidermis and reaching our organs, are still under wraps.

Why use natural cosmetics?

  • It is healthier, with the use of natural cosmetics we avoid injurious chemical compounds as parabens, paraffins, silicones, synthetic aromas etc.,
  • natural ingredients are less aggressive to the skin and environmentally friendly,
  • helps the skin to regenerate and restore balance,
  • is appropriate for each and every skin-type, even sensitive skin,
  • is cruelty free and vegan,
  • with the use of natural cosmetics, we contribute to minor strains of the environment and humankind, because the pollution of water, air and land reduces.

Changing your existing cosmetics with all natural cosmetics is the right step towards a healthier you.

Everything we need for healthy and beautiful skin is given to us by mother nature.