Terms & Conditions

Article 1: General

Terms and conditions determine the conditions of application of online shop www.alpstories.com (hereinafter referred to as “Online shop”), managed by Vastok d.o.o., Dunajska cesta 136, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia-EU(hereinafter referred to as “Provider”), e-mail address: info@alpstories.com

Terms and conditions of Online shop are compounded in accordance with applicable Slovenian material law. The same law is applicable for interpretations and execution of individual contracts executed between Provider and users of Online shop.

Terms and conditions determine the conditions of application of Online shop. User of Online shop is individual and/or legal subject who fills out the registration form and thereby obtains a password to enter the Online shop and has the right to purchase (hereinafter referred to as “User”). The customer is individual and/or legal subject who makes a purchase through the Online shop (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”).

The Provider is bound to be readily accessible to the Customer with the following information:

  • corporate identity (name and place of business, registration and tax number),
  • contact details to enable the User to communicate with the Provider (telephone number and e-mail address),
  • the essential characteristics of the goods,
  • conditions, costs and possible ways of delivering the goods,
  • clearly and unambiguously defined price,
  • possible payment methods,
  • tender period and the conditions and deadlines for withdrawal,
  • appeals procedure,
  • terms, conditions and procedure for unilateral termination of purchase agreement, and also the formal for the same termination with accordance to law
  • customer’s obligations with regards to settlement of costs of the returned goods and settlement of reasonable percentage of returned goods’ price in accordance with Consumers’ Protection Act of the Republic of Slovenia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 98/04 with changes and amendments),
  • liability for material and legal defects,
  • after-sales services and warranty, documents related to the instructions for usage of products, technical instructions, warnings etc.,
  • usual behavior and customs of Provider,
  • terms and conditions of Purchase contract and termination of Purchase contract (i.e. term during which the Customer is bounded by the Purchase contract),
  • mechanism of pre-judicial way of dispute settlement, systems of damages compensation and way of usage of the same system by Customer.

Article 2: Purchase procedure

Online shop allows Customer to purchase natural cosmetics and other products from a distant location.

A product from Online shop that you want to buy simply add in a purchase basket with pressing the button “add to the basket” and choose the quantity. When you finish with adding products to the basket, you have to register or sign in (in case you are already a registered User).

For registration you will have to write your personal details and a password that will allow you to enter in your account at anytime.

After registration or signing in, you have to choose the payment and delivery method of products that you added to the basket.

Before you press the button for the end of purchase “end purchase”, please, check once again if the list of ordered products is correct.

With pressing the button “buy”, customer is bound to pay all the costs, that originate in his order.

After sending the order, Customer receives an e-mail about confirming the order by the Provider.

Purchase contract between the Provider and the Customer is signed at the time of confirmation of the order by the Provider.

Purchase contract can be signed in Croatian or English language.

Purchase contract is stored in electronic form on the server of the Provider. Customer has access to it at anytime in his user account (“My account”).

Article 3: Prices

All prices are stated in euro (EUR) and already include VAT, except if it is explicitly written something else.

Prices stipulated on online shop at the time of execution of Purchase contract are fixed, obligatory for both parties of the contract and not changeable. Provider is not due to compensate Customer for the difference amount if change of price occurs after the Purchase contract has already been executed.

Due to the nature of online business of Online shop, the content of Online shop can be updated quickly and frequently. Despite considerable efforts in providing the most timely and accurate data, Provider of the Online shop has not ruled out the possibility of false information about price or availability. In these rare cases, or in cases where the price or status of availability from the supplier changed during order processing, the Purchase contract will terminate ex lege with previous notice or the sell-purchase price will be aligned with correct price with Customer’s consent.

Prices are valid in the case of payment with specified payment methods.

Prices in other currencies (for customers outside of Slovenia): Payment is always made in euro. The amount that will be charged to your credit card is obtained in a way that euro converted into your currency at the current exchange rate of the Slovenian National Bank. As a result of currency conversion may be minor differences in price than that stated on our website.

Article 4: Payment methods worldwide (outside Slovenia)

The service provider offers the PayPal payment method for online store purchases.

When making payments by PayPal you have two payments options available to you:

1. you can create your own PayPal account (select the “Have a PayPal account?” option and log-in with your username and password)

2. if you have yet to setup your PayPal account, you can pay for the goods ordered using one of the following credit or debit cards without prior registration (“as a guest”): Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and American Express (select the “Don`t have a PayPal Account?” option).

Article 5: Delivery

The delivery is made at the address given at the moment of the order placement together with an invoice.

Terms/conditions of delivery will be stipulated on Online shop. Customer is obliged to pay postage as stipulated during order process, except when the amount of order is higher than 45,00 €.

In cases when the Provider shipped the package in timely manner and in accordance with the contract of ordered products, the Provider in not responsible, if the delivery contractor exceeded time.

If at delivery time the product or package is clearly physically damaged, lacks content, or shows signs of opening, the Customer must in term of 8 days initiate a complaints procedure in front of the delivery service or inform the Provider. Together with the delivery service Provider will make sure that the complaint is resolved as soon as possible.

In case of package returning due to Customer`s incomplete address, returning expenses are covered by the Customer.

The delivery costs vary depending on Customer`s delivery address and way of delivery, but Customer will be informed about the cost before he confirms the order.

Article 6: Consumer protection

In this operating conditions section the Consumer is the one natural person/individual who acquires and uses the product for purposes that are outside his trade or profession.

Article 7: Withdrawal from the contract

According to the Article 43.č 5.2. of the Consumer`s Protection Act of the Republic of Slovenia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 98/04 with changes and amendments) the goods sold in an Online shop have such a nature that they can not be returned or exchanged.

Article 8: Complaints and returns of ordered products

In the event of the error by the Provider in the supply of products to the Costumer or if delivered products differ from the ordered products (shipping the wrong product), the Costumer should contact the Provider through one of the contacts form and in accordance with the agreement return delivered products, which will be replaced free of charge by the Provider. The Provider also covers the cost of returning the goods originally delivered. Originally delivered products may be returned only in unopened packaging.

In the event of the delivered products do not comply with the features and specifications of products ordered (delivery of defective products), the Customer must notify the Provider within eight days from the date of receipt of the product. If the error with a normal examination in the acquisition could not be observed (hidden defect), the Customer must inform the Provider about it within two months from the date when the defect was noticed by his right. Provider is not responsible for errors that show up after two years since the product has been delivered.

Customer, who notifies the Provider with timely and correct complaint, has the right to require from the Provider to remedy the defect in the product or return the amount paid in proportion to the defect or replace the defective product with new flawless product or refund of the amount.

30-day money back guarantee for personalized face creams

If a Customer is not completely satisfied with his personalized face cream, he can return it to the Provider within 30 days, counted from the receipt of the personalized face cream, and he will receive a refund of his purchase price, wherein the delivery costs are not refundable. Customer is responsible for return delivery costs.

Customer has to notify the Provider about the return of the personalized face cream over the telephone: + 386 1 620 7425 or e-mail: info@alpstories.com.

Article 9: Protection of personal data

Provider ensures protection of your personal data in accordance with applicable law. This provision binds Provider to permanent protection of all Customer`s personal data.

With registration in Online shop Customer agrees, that Provider storages his personal data and use them exclusively for the purposes of order and other necessary communication.

Customer is responsible for the protection of the personal data as well, namely with choosing a safe password.

Personal data filing system will be under control of Provider. Provider will be the entity who will process the same data.

Article 10: Responsibility

Provider operates in accordance with applicable Slovenian law and at any time takes care about Customer. In any disputes the Provider shall make its best efforts to settle it amicably. Any complaint can be sent to the Provider’s contacts available.

If in case of dispute Provider and Customer do not resolve their dispute in amicable way the case will be handed over to competent court of Slovenian jurisdiction in Ljubljana.

Provider takes his best efforts to ensure the currency and accuracy of the information on the Online shop, but can nevertheless be due to the specifics of operating an Online shop characteristics of products, delivery or price change in such a short time that information on the website can not be fix. In this case, the Customer will be informed of changes a nd his ability to terminate the contract or a possibility of mutually agreed settlement agreement.

Provider takes his best to provide the appropriate imaging supplies, instructions and descriptions of products at any time. Nevertheless, photographs of products in the Online shop and textual material should be used for information purposes only. The Customer shall before using the products read and follow the instructions supplied with the specific product.

Provider is not responsible for disturbances in the flow of services resulting from the handling of the Costumer (eg. computer viruses) or service routes or infrastructure used by the Online shop services (eg. failure of the Internet).

Provider reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and in any way, regardless of reason and without prior warning. New terms and conditions shall be published in appropriate way with accordance to Slovenian law and will not be applicable to already existing and pending Purchase contracts.

Article 11: Complaints and disputes

The appeal shall be submitted via e-mail address. Complaint procedure is confidential.

Provider uses his best endeavors to resolve any disputes amicably.

Article 12: Copyright

Published content and technology are the property of the Provider. Among the original works are mostly all parts of the program code, all software and architecture engineering, graphics, images, audio, graphics and other elements of the author, which by nature is not to be labeled with tags copyrighted. The structure is also protected as a single design solution.

Any copying, listing, imitation and diffusion without the knowledge of the Provider is prohibited.

Supplier or user that published his content allows the Provider and all others to view such content without restriction in the context of public libraries, categories and other features of the online shop and email forwarding, forwarding via interfaces, classification on the other side, commenting, rating reproduction of these materials for non-commercial or personal use.

User can use the contents and services of Online shop in accordance with the above mentioned conditions. For other kinds of uses of content user should acquire prior consent from the administrator.

Article 13: Cookies

Like most interactive web pages, Online shop uses cookies to enable the Provider to retrieve user details for each visit. Cookies are used in some areas of web site to enable the functionality of this area and ease of use for those people visiting.

Article 14: Frequently asked questions and answers

f you have not found an adequate explanation to your questions on this page, please visit our FAQ. 


Article 1: General

Due to the nature of goods sold by Provider and with accordance to the conditions prescribed by these Terms and conditions and individual agreement, Customer is allowed to mix cosmetic products sold by Provider and by this create his personalized product.

Customer, that is mixing cosmetic preparations at his own desire and creating his own trademark, agrees to following conditions:

  • The software in the way that it is not possible to produce a product that could be detrimental to Customer’s health limits.
  • When creating their own brand, Customer will not use offensive elements, violate laws or use material that doesn`t belong to him and for which he does not hold the copyright.
  • Ensures, that he is the author or holds the copyright for all the material that will be used on personalized label.
  • Certain elements cannot be moved or altered because they are either required by law (for ex. a list of ingredients in the final product) or exist with the purpose of recognisability (for ex. bar code).
  • Provider can refuse his proposal for the label without explanation, especially when Provider evaluates, that personalized label indicates violation of moral codes, integrity of persons or objects or in case when Provider thinks that label could harm reputation of his umbrella brand.
  • If it turns out, that Customer used offensive material or material without copyright for creating his own brand or label, Provider is allowed to remove the product from all communication channels without possibility of complaint. In that case, Customer fails all his obtained benefits.
  • Customer agrees with the benefit policy of the Provider, explained in Section 3.
  • Provider sends an e-mail to the Customer to notify him that his product was sold every time when a product of Customer`s own brand is sold. Once a month costumer receives a notice about state of his user account.
  • The Customer has a permanent access to his recipes and state on his user account with a password that he created during registration process.
  • Umbrella brand AlpStories can be used by Customer only for products, made by the Provider.
  • Provider guarantees, that all the products, used in a process of creating personal brands, are adequate quality and in accordance with EU Regulation on cosmetic products (Regulation(EC) No. 1223/2009).

Article 2: Selecting the type of trademark

Customer may choose among three basic types of trademarks that he`s going to create:

  1. Trademark for personal use:
    Not intended for public publication and the Customer is the only one that has access to it. Advertising of this brand is strictly prohibited for both, the Customer and the Provider.
  2. Trademark for personal use that can be advertised and visible, but can not be sold by the Provider:
    – This trademark can be used only by the Customer. By courtesy of the Customer, the Provider is allowed to assign products in his online store, if they suit standards, but he is not allowed to sell them.
    – Customer guarantees, that all elements, that are used in creating questioning trademark, are in accordance with terms and conditions of the Provider and applicable law.
  3. Trademark for public use:
    – This trademark can be used and advertised by the Customer and Provider.
    – Customer guarantees, that all elements, that are used in creating questioning trademark, are in accordance with terms and conditions of the Provider and applicable law.
    – When Provider evaluates, that Customer`s products suit his standards, products can be assigned to his online store.
    – This trademark can be assigned in the Provider`s shop as well.
    – Aforementioned trademark can be used for public promotion, by Customer or Provider, over all media.
    – Customer is eligible to bonus, for every product that is sold under his trademark. Bonuses are regulated in a chapter “receiving benefits”.
    – Product prices are generated according to components that were used in a process of creating personal product. The price is set by the Provider and is not a subject of negotiations. Provider is selling products of the same sort at this certain price.
    – Customer gets from every same sorted product (according to ingredients and label) definite number of bonus points. Under the conditions listed in Chapter 3, he is able to substitute them for products or money.

Article 3: Receiving benefits

Provider engages himself to reward author of the personal product for his every sold product. The rewards can be in the form of benefit points or in money form. With the second product of the same type, the author gets certain amount of points that he can use as a discount at the next product creating or he use them for donations to humanitarian organizations. Customer can choose the organization among humanitarian organizations, that are listed by the Provider.

Benefit classes are divided in following groups:

  1. Creator of trademark
  2. Partner of trademark
  3. Co-owner of trademark

Every spent Euro (EUR) represents one point (point can also be named flower). When paying, Customer may use collected points wherein 7 points represent the value of 1 EUR. For the transfer from first benefit class to the second benefit class, Customer has to collect at least 15.000 points in a calendar year. For the transfer from second to third benefit class, customer has to select at least 30.000 points in a calendar year. For the first benefit class, bonuses/awards are given in a form of products. For the second and the third benefit class, awards are defined in a special contract, concluded by the Customer and the Provider. A contract is concluded, when Customer reaches enough points for the second benefit class.

Article 4: Copyright policy

With creating products at his own recipe, Customer becomes an author of these products. Despite that, there is always a chance, that another person (independent of author) coincidentally chooses the same ingredients as the author. Theoretically, there is a possibility to create 197.000 different products, so the probability of creating exactly the same products is very rare.

Only author of the product has the access to his recipe through his user account. Provider has the access to the Customer`s recipe for his own use (in accordance with pre-arranged type of trademark).

With accepting terms and conditions customer pledges himself to use only his own elements or elements with copyright while creating a label. All the material that is at hand in section “Proposals for creating personalized label” has properly regulated copyright.

In the event of breaching copyright or other statutory provisions (for ex. prohibition of discrimination, offence, etc.) by Customer, Provider immediately removes every illegal element. Customer is independently responsible for his own actions. In the event of breaching copyright of a third person, Customer independently answers for all criminal, material and moral consequences.

Article 5: Video recording

While creating his own personal trademark, Customer has the possibility of video recording of the procedure.

In case that Customer wants to be recorded, he chooses that option at the beginning of the process. When the product is done and recording has finished, Customer reaffirms that he consents with the video. With that act he allows the Provider to use the video for every purpose. After recording, the videos are going to be stored on Provider`s server for at least 30 days. In that time limit, Customer has to transfer his videos to his electronic medium, otherwise the videos will be deleted.

Article 6: Listing the trademark for public use in channels of the provider

When customer creates his own trademark for public use, Provider can, on his own appraisal, assign the trademark in his own or foreign online store, or in any of all owned or foreign shops or shop chains. Provider sends an e-mail to the costumer to notify him that his product was sold, every time when a product of customer`s trademark for public use is sold. Provider sends an e-mail to the e-mail address that the customer used when signing in (in his user account) or to the address that is stated as active (in his user`s account). In case of explicit wish of a customer, a product can be assigned to the store shelf under condition of consignation, when Provider agrees.

Article 7: Final provision

These terms and conditions are also applicable and valid in appropriate way for the purchase of Provider’s products in his retail shops in Slovenia.